Sunday, 17 June 2012

How to make cake pops

Always wondered how they are made?
Why say it in words when you can do it through pictures! Here is how I make my simple chocolate cake wrapped in white chocolate.

After baking my chocolate cup cakes and making my cocoa butter icing, I blend them together with a ratio of 100g cake to 25g butter icing.
To keep them fresh I only make them in batches of 30

Scoop, Squish, Squish, Roll.
I weigh 25g and roll it into a dainty ball. About 20 rolls does it!

Perfect round balls then get poked with the stick

Make way for a drip of melted white chocolate to make sure the stick stays put

I temper my chocolate using a Bain Marie and the 'seeding' method. Chocolate is in the bowl suspended over a pan of steaming water. I raise the temperature of my chocolate to about 42 degrees, all cracked up and constantly stirring. I then take off the heat, add more fresh chocolate whilst stirring to bring it back down to a workable temperature of about 36 degrees.
Requires a lot of patience and a lot of love for the chocolate.

Swoop, Dip, Swirl, Swirl, Shake.

Ok so i tend to do three at a time...
to make sure the balls are covered as quickly as possible so they don't dry out.

If tempered correctly, by the time I've dipped my 6th pop the first one needs to be topped.

Individually made toppings. These are mini planes for a boy's christening.

Packaged and labelled as soon as they are dry to touch (about 30 minutes) to keep them as fresh as possible

Great as a table centre piece

And looking good next to the cake (by Vanillia)