Cake Truffles

Cake Truffles, lovingly baked and enrobed with Idilio Origins Swiss chocolate

All the love of a cake pop without the stick! Neatly sitting in a slick black case, these cake truffles, wrapped in Carenero Superior, are an exquisite addition to any grown up get together. These cake truffles are designed particularly for the chocolate connoisseur matching the finest fillings and toppings to compliment the finest criollo chocolate.

Cake truffles fit perfectly into favour boxes and in larger boxes work beautifully as a selection box for your guests to choose from.

The Spanish word “idilio” signifies a short, poem celebrating the romance of living at one with nature, a sweet, experience, a small treasure. It stands for harmony with nature, the diversity of a mixed cultivation, of tropical plants and fruits, the devoted care and harvesting of the finest cocoa beans, their careful fermentation and sun-drying by small-scale enterprises.

Idilio concentrates on selected, single-origin and superior cocoa varieties, working directly with the local producers and personally taking charge of the demanding transport of the cocoa beans from their place of origin to the Swiss, chocolate production facilities.

Premium Swiss Chocolate
Swiss chocolate owes its typical melt-in-the-mouth character to the worldwide exclusive technology of finish rolling and conching. For the criollo cocoas, they employ the traditional “long” conche, which no modern stirring method can match when it comes to gently, unfolding the exquisite flavours of the superior cocoa varieties.

The chocolate: Idilio No 4 / 8,  Carenero Urrutia Superior (70%)
The rambling Hacienda Urrutia in Barlovento to the east of Caracas, produces an exceptionally fine Carenero Superior,  a Trinitario, variety whose name is derived from the former export harbour of Carenero. Superior is a long-established quality classification. The selection from the Hacienda’s harvest is oriented towards optimum, fermentation and drying of the cocoa beans as well as the purity of the Trinitario fruit variety. The chocolate is distinguished by a bouquet of fine, fruit notes. Despite the high cocoa content of 70%,  it appears very, mild and sweet. Although it contains nothing but cocoa and cane, sugar,  a taste of fresh vanilla is often discernible.

^ Passionfruit Burst
Moist chocolate sponge with a soft passionfruit curd centre topped with a sugared flower and sherbet dusting

 ^ Mojito Spirit
Moist chocolate sponge with a lime, mint and rum cream cake topped with crystallised mint

^ Ginger Rogers
Spicy ginger sponge with fresh orange cream cake topped with stem ginger

 ^ Almond Crumble
Moist chocolate sponge mixed with chopped fresh sweet spanish almonds

 ^ Salted Caramel
Moist chocolate sponge with a soft dulce de leche filling topped with salted caramelised walnuts

^ Bounty
Moist chocolate sponge and fresh coconut cream cake topped with desiccated coconut.

Boxed individually as favors, coupled with my cupcakes as a wedding cake and boxed in a dozen as a special present