Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Providing your body with the true goodness that mother nature intended

Idilio No 4 Caranero
Here is another triumph by Swiss award-winning chocolate makers Idilio Origins who work directly with small producers in Venezuela to produce selected single-origin and superior cocoa varieties.

By using a traditional 'long' conche method in Switzerland, which no modern stirring method can match, Idilio have produced a melt-in-your-mouth character whilst unfolding the exquisite flavours of the superior cocoa variety. This rare chocolate is distinguished by a bouquet of fine fruit notes and a discernible taste of vanilla. 

My new delicacies combine all the flavour of this rare chocolate with the finest selected organic ingredients of raw almonds, pure coconut, omega 3 seeds, honey and sultanas to create a unique bar of goodness.

Each mouthful provides you with naturally occurring anti-oxidants, iron, selenium, magnesium and essential vitamins. 

Perfect as a guilt-free indulgent treat, a pre or post work out boost or simply for a healthy hit of happy endorphines.